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JumpShot now offers the PhotoShare service at select shows. PhotoShare may also be ordered after the show. The PhotoShare service include ALL the photos of a single horse at one show. This format is designed for social network sharing and emailing (Sample PhotoShare Image). The image will have the JumpShot Photoshare logo on the image and you may freely distribute the image within the guideline of the licencing agreement.

Use the General PhotoShare Pick Up page with your order pick-up code to access your PhotoShare images that were ordered after the show.

Barn Calls
JumpShot will shoot at the location of your choosing. The base fee is $400.00 plus travel expenses and includes up to 2 hours of shooting of one horse. This can include portraits, action, conformation or anything you wish. Two 8X10 prints are included in the base price and other prints are sold at 20% off. For multiple horses and or more complex shooting requirements please e-mail a brief description of your needs and we will contact you with a quote.
Use the Private Gallery Log-In with your password to view your barn call images.

Photo retouching
We can do almost anything, including: opening eyes, fixing ears, tweaking knees and hooves, correcting blemishes (on the horse!), replacing entire backgrounds and even replacing riders! Actually we have already done these things at least once and every one has appeared in a magazine, I bet you never imagined! Base price for simple work that usually includes ear and eye fixes starts at $35.00 per image and will be billed at a rate of $75.00 per hour on more complex work. A background replacement can take about an hour or less. Rider replacement is A LOT! If you would like some work done, please contact us with all of the photo ID information for the image in question and we will quote you a price. To date only a few jobs were more than the base price.

Christmas Cards
Holiday greeting cards are available and may be ordered from October 15 thru December 10. We can ship with-in 3-5 days of the order generally and will contact you if we foresee any complications. Prices and quantities are quoted based on vendor prices and production proceedures. If you would like to order cards please forward the information on the Mail Order Form available on the web via FAX or mail including quantity and prefered greeting. We will contact you before producing the cards with a quoted price and the exact greeting that most closely resembles your request.

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