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PhotoShare Images Files are licensed to the customer (licensee) by JumpShot Photography for personal use only.

I accept all the terms of use for the PhotoShare Images as stated below.

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All PhotoShare Images are subject to the following Terms of Use:
1. JumpShot Photography/jumpshotusa.com provides PhotoShare Images for a fee (licensing fee). Although JumpShot Photography does not grant ownership of the copyright, the customer (licensee) is granted certain limited rights (license) and is permitted to use the PhotoShare Images within the scope of that license as indicated below. This licensing agreement is valid for the licensee and their heirs.

2. PhotoShare Images are licensed to the licensee by JumpShot Photography for personal use only.

3. Licensee MAY use the PhotoShare Images for personal web sites, social media with friends and family (such as Twitter®, Facebook®, MySpace®, etc.), personal scrapbooks, and any other personal, NON-COMERCIAL, use of the PhotoShare Images.

4. Licensee MAY NOT use PhotoShare Images for any commercial, advertising, or editorial purpose. Nor may they sell, re-license, or sub-license PhotoShare Images. PhotoShare Images may not be provided to other parties for any use that violates these terms or the rights of JumpShot Photography and Dirk Gallian. Commercial, advertising, or editorial usage of any image requires a separate license prior to such use, contact JumpShot Photography to secure if needed.

5. This license only applies to the PhotoShare Image Files. The terms may not be applied, or transferred, to other versions of the same image (such as larger files licensed for editorial usage).

6. Ownership, copyright and all other rights now and in the future, of and for the image(s) remain exclusively with JumpShot Photography and Dirk Gallian.

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