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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do you shoot?
A: We shoot anyone on the water on a kite board or a windsurfer and sometimes Stand Up Paddleboards.

Q: Where is the best place to be to be photographed?
A: We shoot from the beach and our range is about 150 meters from shore. 50-75 meters is the “sweet spot”. If you are uncomfortable in so close then the best option is a private session on a less crowded section of beach.

Q: What do I do to get photographed?
A: If you are near and in range of the photographer and they are not working privately with client(s) the chances are you have already been shot. Check under "View Photos" for the date in question.
When we are working in La Ventana, we typically shoot in the southern beach area near Baja Joe’s, ranging from time to time north to Playa Central (just south of the large campground). We will work different beaches by request and you can also book private/semi-private shooting sessions.

Q: How good do I have to be?
A: We shoot from beginner (trainer kites and body drags) up to and including the "king and queen of the beach". We believe that memories are made at all levels and that is what we provide.

Q: OK I want a private session. How does that work and where do you do it?
A: The easiest way to make it happen is to shoot you where you are most comfortable. Use the contact page to contact the photographer and arrange for a booking. He will work out the details for your convenience and safety.

Q: What do I get out of the private or semi private photo session?
A: A private session is all about giving you what you want, so it depends on your desires. Cruising shots, action shots, crazy upside-down jumping shots and shots from a water-housing "up close and personal" (please note your skills must be high enough to avoid endangering the photographer and yourself to work in this fashion). The number of images you receive will be determined by the length of the session and the overall success of the session.

Q: How and when do I get my photos?
A: Our primary delivery method is digital files that will be emailed to your email address of choice. We can deliver prints to the US and Canada. Depending on the volume ordered files may be emailed or if the volume is too large, a select number of images will be emailed and the entire order will be mailed to you on a CD. Each image is individually checked and adjusted to ensure the best results. This causes our delivery time to be from 7-10 days.

Q: What makes a private session or semi-private session?
A: 1-2 people are the maximum for a private session. Semi-private can go up to 8-10 people (the more people involved the closer their skills need to be as to not slow the process or leave anyone out.

Q: What rights do I have with the digital files?
A: You may make as many prints as you like, you may email and post these images for your own PERSONAL use. Although you may reproduce and print as often as you like, JumpShot retains ALL copyright rights. You MAY NOT sell the image or allow the image to be used in any commercial advertising. So as an example if we get a killer shot of your "North" kite or board or anything else, you may not submit it to the manufacturer for consideration for anything. JumpShot retains all commercial and resale rights. We will be more than happy to forward any images directly to the manufacturer and identify the rider for you, just let us know and we will help you become (in)famous!!

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